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Andy Smith





A Bit About Me

I am first and foremost a husband and a father. I have a beautiful wife Ashley and 5 crazy kids that definitely keep us busy. Right after graduating college with a Bachelor's in Management and a focus in Air Traffic Control, I began my career with the FAA. I spent 12 years as an air traffic controller, supervisor, and staff support specialist. In that time I found a love for drones which led to photography. In those 12 years I was directly involved in the planning and procedures of Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). 

My wife has a background in entrepreneurship and started a residential roofing business. That led me into taking both drone and ground photos and videos. We would use those photos for both quality assurance and marketing purposes. That experience led to me being asked to fly and photograph other projects and properties. I eventually decided to go full time into real estate photography when I noticed many local listings were lacking that polished look in their presentation. 

I enjoy the process of trying to find and capture a property's character. What started as a fun hobby has turned into my new passion. In my spare time I enjoy my family, golf, football, history, and always learning more about photography and its ever evolving techniques/technologies.  

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